Working with others CAN be fun!



On a recent newspaper front, I was reminded of why we’re encouraged to do “group work” in college (and possibly grade school, too, but I wouldn’t know). I am a rather introverted sort — I know, an introverted copy editor! How unusual! — and I found that, where group projects were required, I did not do very well. Much of that was that I preferred to procrastinate as long as possible, and other people would insist on trying to get work done when I was still in the “mulling project-related thoughts” phase! The nerve of them.

But now, I have a looming deadline every day, the perfect working conditions for a procrastinator. I enjoy the shared creative process much more this way.

We were running a centerpiece story about the huge Powerball jackpot, and the photo editor suggested placing one photo near the headline, at a small size, with the other below at regular centerpiece-photo size.

The copy editor reading the story came up with a cute headline for it.

And then I fit these all together and chose a “Powerball red” accent color. And it all came out beautifully!  I love working with other talented folks.